Farms & Farmers’ Markets


If you’re looking for humanely raised meat from a small farm (rather than a big food company), head to your local farmers’ market. There, you can talk with farmers about how they raise their animals and even ask to visit their farm.  (See the sidebar at right for tips on visiting a market.)

Note: Humaneitarian doesn’t offer a directory of individual farms. To find specific farms near you, try searching on Local Harvest, or visit your local farmers’ market.

Click on your state to find a farmers’ market near you. Please note that we are currently updating this list.

Tips on buying meat at a farmers' market!

  • Bring a small cooler, to keep meat fresh on the way home
  • Be bold: buy a cut of meat that's unfamiliar to you and try it out
  • Don't expect that farmers will have the cuts you want; popular cuts sell out fast, and availability is often determined by season
  • Farmers usually don't have labels on their products, such as grass-fed, pasture-raised, etc. Instead, talk to them about their farming practices.
  • Some farmers do use common meat labels; read about them here.
  • For the most part, you'll only find whole chickens at your local market. Selling chicken in parts is costlier for farmers, so most of them choose the whole-bird route.