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Our first giveaway! Enter now to win free chicken

August 30, 2016

chicken flower via United Against Factory Farming
[Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Angela from Columbus, Georgia!]

Humaneitarian is thrilled to partner with renowned farm White Oak Pastures to give away $95 worth of free humanely raised chicken!  You can’t get chicken much better than this: Red Rangers living on lush pastures, processed on the farm, and allowed to engage in chickeny behavior at all times.

To enter, go to this page and type in your name and email. We’ll notify you in mid-September if you win!

We’re giving away this 25-lb. Chicken Sampler to raise awareness of pastured chicken and alternative slow-growth breeds (Red Rangers grow normally, not superfast and unhealthfully, like the Cornish Cross breed). We’re also doing this to introduce our fans to each other (White Oak customers, meet Humaneitarian; Humaneitarian enthusiasts, meet White Oak).

I visited White Oak Pastures a couple years ago and was impressed by their commitment to rotational grazing for all species, their on-farm slaughter facility, and farmer Will Harris’s plainspoken proselytyzing for sustainable farming. And all the folks at White Oak have, in turn, been very supportive of Humaneitarian.

Thanks for entering Humaneitarian’s first meat giveaway!

–Carrie Abels

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