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New survey: How can we improve?

October 13, 2016

You probably want to buy humanely raised meat more often. You want to cook it more often and eat it more often. But something is getting in the way.  Is it cost or convenience?  Is it all those confusing meat labels?  Is it a lack of knowledge about how farm animals are raised?

I want to provide the kind of information that helps you choose humanely raised meat as often as possible. But first I need to know what you need to know. So!  This week I launched a new survey, meant to gather your opinion about how the Humaneitarian website can improve. After four years of running Humaneitarian and seeing that there’s a real hunger for this kind of information, I now want to focus in on what all of you need, so that you can eat like humaneitarians. The results of this survey will help me do that.

Thanks in advance for participating. We all want to do right by farm animals, and filling out this 6-question survey can be a part of that effort.

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