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Calling all Southerners!

April 1, 2014

SSLC photo flierIf you live in the South — or have friends in the South — check out what’s happening on Saturday, April 26.  (And share this post with any friends you may have in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, the Carolinas, or Florida.)  On the 26th, a new and unique gathering — the Southeastern Sustainable Livestock Conference — will take place in Atlanta, and it promises to be a fun and enlightening day.

Organized by Kate March and Gillian March of Vital Awareness (they’re among the most enthusiastic and dedicated farm advocates I know) the conference will gather farmers and consumers to talk about how to strengthen humane, sustainable animal farming in the Southeast . Workshops are designed for both consumers and farmers, and include topics such as how to understand meat labels, how to cook humanely raised meat on a budget, how farmers can obtain humane certification, and how ethically raised meat can be sold in grocery stores.

Even though it’s a “conference,” I suspect it will be a lot more fun than that word suggests. For one thing, there will be amazing food (as there usually is when farmers are involved) and live bluegrass music in the evening. The day before (the 25th), you can go on a tour of White Oak Pastures, a farm legendary for its humane and sustainable practices. (A bus will take folks to the farm and back again.) And the keynote speaker will be a vice president from Whole Foods.

Get your tickets now!  The price is very reasonable. I’ll be one of the speakers at the conference and hope to see you there.

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