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Welcome to Eat with Care

December 1, 2011

Figuring out the style in which to write your new blog and determining the topics it will cover is a bit like figuring out what to name your new baby or   pet — you have infinite choices before you, and a vague sense that what you choose will significantly influence this precious thing for its entire life and affect how you engage with it forever!

Perhaps that’s an exaggeration — a name can be changed, a style of writing shifted, topics embraced and abandoned. But here’s what I’m thinking: the Eat with Care blog will offer a mix (how about a stew, since we’re talking about meat?) of observations, insights and personal experiences related to how farmers and food companies are raising farm animals in the United States and how Americans are shifting their eating habits (one of the hardest things to change) toward humane meat. It will have a confessional aspect (“I’m terrible at cooking meat!”) and an inspirational aspect (“I’m so much better at cooking meat than I used to be!”) and will keep you up to date on the most intriguing people, farms, food companies, restaurants, stores and organizations working in the field of humane animal agriculture.

The voice of this blog may shift and shimmy as time goes on, or may differ according to topic. What’s most important is that my words are thought-provoking, fair, and inspiring — and that you feel led to comment on these posts as a way to contribute to the emerging national conversation about humanely raised meat. I launched Humaneitarian, in part, to meet people like myself who want to turn their backs on factory farms and buy from farmers who make humane animal care a priority. I look forward to hearing from you, no matter what your voice.


  1. Alex Brown says:

    An inspiring start! I would be glad if there were good, definitive answers to the questions you are posing–and which I recognize as important to me as well. But I suspect this is an area of infinite shading. I think people have a tendency to believe that the more important a topic is, the more certain of a position they must be. Yet here, considering the big, fundamental issue of what to eat, I expect I must tolerate a great degree of regret and uncertainty. But I value your help, so keep this going!

  2. Eve K Searle says:

    A great idea! It is time that someone shed some reasonable light on a hot topic, taking up the cause of animals. I eat meat, I raise cattle on a western cattle ranch, but always feel guilty at shipping time to be sending my calves to a possibly awful fate. We all have to die – just let us all do it with dignity and compassion, animals included. Great blog – keep it going!!

  3. Angela Winburn says:

    Just found your website. I’m a beginning, humane farmer in Iowa and I’m looking forward to getting to know you!